Saturday, August 2, 2014

     The number of martyrs kept increasing and the situation is getting more intense at Gaza. And then someone said, "Be grateful that here in Malaysia is peaceful, unlike Gaza". Wow bro.

     Just recently we heard some news that mentioned Israel is somehow targeting Malaysia; in regard to the Hamas soldier purportedly performed a parachuting training in Malaysia (this sounds like a good humour anyway). And IF Israel is going to attack Malaysia, what is the plan?

     We have plenty of choices bro. We can choose a variety of country to emigrate. Indonesia? Brunei? ASEAN countries? Middle East? You name it. God willing, it won't be of any hassle for us to settle in. But what about for those who still wanted to stay??

     Will there?? Isn't he/she afraid of death? Or have they already prepared themselves to die? The tiny Malaysians have the guts to fight with Israel?

     The same goes for the Palestinians bro. This Zionist colonialism has embarked since 1948 (and it rooted way back decades before). Even up until today, the Palestinians can still choose whether if they want to stay or to leave. Quite a large group moved to Arab countries such as Dubai, Abu Dhabi to name a few. Even a number of them has settled here in Malaysia (& some married with the locals).

     And what about of those who's still staying? "WHAT ARE THEY THINKING?!" (*some of us may have this thought). Aren't they brave enough to stand for their right? Even some widowed mothers won't budge out even if their home is perished. Masha Allah! As a man, I feel ashamed.

     Once I had a brotherly conversation with a Gazan brother. I asked, "Do you want us (Malaysians) to send military troops to aide Gaza?". And he replied,

"It is fine for now God willing. Don't worry. But we are more worried about you (Malaysians) bro!"

     At first this was quite shocking to me. I was kinda confused, for what reasons that they the-so-called 'physically' poor country is worried about peaceful country like Malaysia? Why?

     The terrorist Israel might be bombarding the Gazans to death everyday, but at least we know that the deceased are heading to the heaven now (if they died at the right cause). And what about us? If we are to die now, do we know where will we be heading to?

     Little kids who were shot or bombed by the is saddening to see their pictures, but we surely know that they are in somewhere far better than here. And what about our little kids & youngsters? I really hope that we didn't & will not indoctrinate them that humanity is valued by the car that we drive and the house that we live.

     We can see that a large number of masjids at Gaza have perished due to the recent battle. Of what remains, the Muslims there can still perform salah  under that wreckage. And our masjids?

     And so many other instances to show that we are in no position to say that our current condition is far better than in Gaza. The Gazans are worried about us because of the luxuries that we are having now. I'm not saying it is a sin to live in prosperity & in fact I am grateful for that, but too much of luxury kills the sense of humanity bro.

     We all might be mourning over the loss in Gaza, but they are actually satisfied with their life; 'enjoying' the life that we thought is miserable. They might don't have fancy cars & comfy houses like we do, but they can still smile and feel happy about it. We in fact, every night thinking on how to pay the car instalments for the next month. Is that how you define happiness? How about houses? If you don't earn above MYR6000.00 per month, don't even think about owning one. And that is not miserable enough for you?

     Gazans live in modesty when we thougt that they are poor. They are not poor. Unlike us, they are satisfied with whatever that Allah has brought to them. I learnt a lot about life from them. And I conclude, to live in modesty is the best way of living. If we earn more, we give to others who are in need. Isn't that befitted the life of Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him)? Isn't that the ultimate purpose of to give?

     Thus, Gaza iz my Guru.

     Allah knows best.

And never think of those who have been killed in the cause of Allah as dead. Rather, they are alive with their Lord, receiving provision,

Rejoicing in what Allah has bestowed upon them of His bounty, and they received good tidings about those after them who have not yet joined them - that there will be no fear concerning them, nor they will grieve.

['Ali 'Imran (3): 169-170]

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