Tuesday, October 19, 2010

      I came across a nearby shop and stunned by the song played; The Man Who Sold The World by Nirvana. "Who knows? Not me". Ahah. How long has it been this way.


Sesiapa yang Allah mahukan kebaikan baginya, Dia memberikannya kefahaman dalam Ad-Din
[Bukhari & Muslim]

Someone asked me,
"Why do you always insist on taking the hard road?"
and I replied,
"Why do you assume I see two roads?"

     It has been two years. To be exact, a year since I chose this road. Looking at my past, and remember how I used to think back in 2008 (when I was 18). By 20, I should have mastered Yngwie Malmsteen (one of the best guitarist) trademark song; Appregios from Hell. Try to Youtube the song, then you know what I mean by the pride of mastering it. Haha. Then, I would perform elsewhere, Annexe Hall (Pasar Seni) or in university and becomes one of the best guitarist the society have known, bearing the title of an engineer. Hey, who would have thought a talented guitarist is actually a computer engineer? It's kinda bit rare in Malaysia. Haha. And again, I thought that by the age of 30++, I will get married and have children with a thought "My dad is better than yours 'cuz he can play guitar freaking awesome!!". Hahaha.

     Allah knows the best. He knows me best. He knows me best. He knows me best. And (almost) everytime I heard or read this ayat, I stumbled down, and cry. Subhanallah. How beautiful are the words of Allah.

So whoever Allah wants to guide - He expands his chest to Islam
[Al-An'am (6): 125]

     Well, I'm not writing here for the sake of bragging or telling my story which won't affect readers at all just like some of the bloggers do, what I wish to say is, this entry/post, is specially dedicated to you; the seed of mercenaries.

     Be grateful that out of billions of people out there, it is you that Allah chose to bear this task. It is by Allah's Mercy that you have the ability to differentiate which is right and which is wrong.

A gentle reminder: this road is verrrrryyyyyyyyy long, and never was, easy.

     Allah is there, He is Al-Awwalul Akhir, ask guidance from Him every seconds. He knows you the best.

Wallahu'alam bissowab

     *This post is dedicated to The Man Who Sold The World.

Ya Muqallibal Quluub, thabbit qulubana 'ala diinik

O Controller of the hearts, make our hearts steadfast in Your Deen

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Shazwan said...

pendek sangat....

Alhamdulillah, last 2 years I was still remember 'coaxing' a junior wearing black HELLOWEEN T-shirt to attend an usrah session....

n now here he is, a murabbi, a syeikh, a qaid, an ustaz, a brother and a mutarabbi..

Is there any other way ? (12:108)

Zaid Harithah Mohd Badry said...

wea: saja nak bagi orang berfikir + kekangan masa. papepun, jazakallahu khair for all these two years, for all the hardships & sacrifices you've done for the sake of Allah. may Allah rewards you with the highest Jannah. I could only pursue others to walk the same path just like he sallallahu 'alaihi wa sallam and his companions'(12:108).

Thus, i dedicate the "Sang Murabbi" song to you. Haha.

Again, jazakallahu khair

Anonymous said...

its a short and precise entry for God sake. indeed i love this type of post much. yeah Alhamdulillah you've seen the perfect route to lead you piloting your life till the judgement day insyaAllah. you shud be grateful then mate cause many of us are still waiting for the hidayah. the greatest thing that all of us desire most for the rest of our life.

keep on writing. its gud for the soul. yours, mine, ours and theirs.

Zaid Harithah Mohd Badry said...

anon: don't wait for it. GO FOR IT!

Anonymous said...

giler xsedap anon...LOL! yeah go for it!!!

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