Saturday, May 15, 2010

      Vroom! Now that's what I call 'excitement' on the road; superbike! But I didn't own any neither ride it. But frankly speaking, I prefer a bike rather than a car (not that I hate my KBG). And why is that? Dude, take a look at 'mat rempit' (street-underbone motorcycle-racer). These guys loooooovvveee to waste their fuel just for their 'cool' stunts (they said so) and of course, racing. All because of the price for the fuel itself; 5 ringgits for a full tank! And for a typical car, 50 bucks will do. For a guy like me, riding a bike is possible only in 'kampung' and not in KL and I can do a lot of things if  5 ringgits is all that it takes to fill my car's fuel tank until the meter reads "FULL".

     A few weeks before, I consequently rode my friend's scooter to the campus. Man...I just like the way how a scooter/bike shorten my distance A LOT compare to driving. It took me around 5 minutes to reach the campus while 10 for driving. Plus, if the meter is running low, simply go to a nearer petrol station, take out 5 bucks, fill the tank and walla! You have yourself a one week (or more) fuel tank capacity!

     Once, I rode the scooter to the computer lab, then I parked it carefully and unconsciously, my right leg touched the scooter's exhaust. "Ouuuuccccchhhhhhhhhhh!!!!" I screamed loudly as the pain was unbearable. I jumped like a crazy guy over here and there.

     I was thinking that the wound might be very serious. I thought my leg would be completely pulverized and then I took a glimpse at my leg and shocked to find that the wound was only just a small white spot! Alhamdulillah! All praises to Allah The Almighty! But still, I wondered why the wound with the size of  a grown ant caused a pain that drove me to be suddenly jumped in a public place?

     A few days later, I found out that the wound was pretty serious. It is not a small white spot anymore. It turned out to be like

actual image
     Uhhhh. That's not nice. Quite excruciating. Seems like some of my fleshes on the spot were completely burnt. And I can't explain how the pain felt was. What's bothering me is not about the pain nor the wound, but some of my friends' quotation that kept me thinking until now.

"Ahh chill people! We are Muslims. Surely we will enter Paradise; so why bother being good?"

"I have heard a hadith mentioning about every Muslim will enter Paradise. So what are you waiting for? Come on! Let's do this (sins)"

And the most shocking....

"I don't care if I need to go through Hell first as long as I enjoy my life, and I will enter Paradise in the end. I know about this hadith"

     Masha Allah. These are not the words from non-believers, but from Muslims ourselves! Our brothers!  Ya Allah. I can't imagine how is it like to be in Hell, and to go through those painful torments. Masha Allah, even just a small white spot on my leg caused me to scream unconsciously, what if the whole of my leg touched the exhaust for a longer period? And that's just the heat in ad-dunnia (world), not yet in akhirah (Hereafter)!

"Whoever says La ilaaha illa-Allah sincerely will enter Paradise."
[Reported by Bazzar and declared authentic by Al-Albani in Sahih Al-Jami'].

      Yeah. This is the proof. An authentic hadith. Just like according to my friend's theory, "All Muslims will enter Paradise". But still, what's bothering me is, why did Rasulullah mention "Whoever says La ilaaha illa-Allah sincerely" instead of "All Muslims"? Isn't those two are the same thing? Nay! Look closely at the hadith itself. Sincerely. Sincerely. Sincerely.

     Do we, Muslims consider ourselves as someone who sincerely says La ilaaha illa-Allah? Do we understand what does La ilaaha illa-Allah means? If we say yes, we know that La ilaaha illa-Allah means that "There is no god, only Allah" but why we keep on doing things that are prohibited in Al-Quran and As-Sunnah? Why? We do know that Allah The Almighty is our only God, why do we act as if there is no God watching everything that we do? It is as if we deny the existence of Him! It shows that we are not sincere enough to say La ilaaha illa-Allah, do we entitle to enter Paradise then? Nauzubillahi min zalik.

     The scholar Ibn Rajab said: "The word Ilah (i.e God) means the One Who is obeyed and not defied, out of ones sense of awe and reverence, love, fear, and hope, placing ones trust in Him, asking Him and supplicating Him alone. And all of these are invalid except for Allah [alone]. So, whoever directs any of these matters (which are the rights of Allah) to a created being, has detracted from the sincerity of his statement La ilaaha illa-Allah. And he has worshipped that created being to the extent he directed those matters toward it."

"The sincere person (according to the hadith mentioned above) is the one who understands, acts according to its requirements, invite others to it, and gives it precedence over all other issues, because it is the concise formula of Tauhid (Islamic Monotheism) for which human beings and jinns were created."
[Arkan Al-Islam wal Iman (The Pillars of Islam & Iman) by Muhammad bin Jamil Zeno]

     Are we the "so-called" persons who sincerely says La ilaaha illa-Allah have the same characteristics as quoted by Muhammad bin Jamil Zeno? Do we know exactly what is meant by Ilah? Think again. Allah is The Most Oft-Forgiving if we ever do any mistakes.

"Whoever says La ilaaha illa-Allah and rejects whatever is worshipped besides Allah, his property and blood becomes sacrosanct and his reckoning is [only] with Allah the Mighty and Exalted"

     This hadith teaches us that the verbal declaration of the testimony of Faith requires the rejection of all worship directed to other than Allah, such as supplication to the dead etc. Indeed, it is strange that some Muslims say La ilaaha illa-Allah with their tongues and contradict its meaning with their deeds and their supplication to other than Allah.

    So, ask ourselves back. Are we sincere enough to say La ilaaha illa-Allah? Are we one of the inmates of Al-Jannah? Allah is The Most Oft-Forgiving. :)

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mohd.syahid.bin.kasman said...

rider ni ade gk ksusahan ddorg.1-safety xde
2-tdedah hujan panas
3-long distance pyh

susah.baek naek keta ja.

Zaid Harithah Mohd Badry said...

tu la. kalau setakat dari tts g campus best la. saving gila. kalau dari tts balik kedah mampuih aku. haha

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